Swimsportz - Swim Trainer Pool Resistance Band



Ideal for Swim Training and exercise. This low impact harness is ideal for any size pool. The Swim Sportz Swim Trainer is easy to use, will help improve any swim stroke and will tone your whole body quickly, Low impact training, Encourages healthy exercise. The Swimsportz Swim Trainer Pool Resistance Trainer Personal Waist Belt Aid will allow you to swim uninterrupted laps no matter what the size of your pool is!

The Waistband is on a velcro system and goes from approximately 55cm on the smallest setting and up to 110cm on the largest setting

Features -

  • Rope Length - 4 Meters
  • Elastic Band - 1 Meter
  • Harness - 1 Meter
  • Adjustable waist for children or adults
  • Attach it to any anchor point, it has a velcro strap!

Benefits -

  • Biggest selling swim aid suitable for all applications!
  • Works in any size Pool or Swim Spa
  • Easy to use

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