Ondilo - ICO Smart Pool Monitor (WiFi)





The ICO has a low-profile design meaning it sits low in the water and does not detract from the aesthetics of the pool. The low-profile design also means it can be placed in the skimmer box, under covers/blankets, or simply free-floating in the pool. The floating housing is robust, UV-resistant and is completely waterproof with an IP68 rating.


  • Temperature - The temperature sensor measures the temperature in °C. The temperature of the water is used for calibrating the other sensors, as well as determining if the water is comfortable for swimming.
  • pH - The pH sensor measures the pH, which is the level of acidity or alkalinity of the water.
  • ORP - The ORP sensor measures the ORP, or Oxidation Reduction Potential, which is related to the amount of chlorine (sanitiser) in the water. From the ORP reading, the ICO provides an estimate of the chlorine level.
  • Conductivity - The conductivity sensor estimates the salt content of the water. The estimated salt level depends on the temperature.
All sensors are encased within the housing and can be easily removed via a twist-lock mechanism. Each sensor can be replaced individually.


ICO (WiFi) connects natively to any 3rd-party domestic WiFi router and WiFi extender - no additional accessories are required to connect to the internet. 

Remote monitoring is available by the free app on the Google Play or Apple App Store. The ICO can also be directly connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.


The ICO is powered by an extra long-life rechargeable lithium battery. Initially, the battery needs to be charged via USB cable for at least 6 hours and at the start of each swimming season. A single charge will last an entire season (3-4 months depending on temperature).


The ICO is covered by a 2-year warranty for the vessel and a 1-year warranty for the sensors.

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