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The swimming pool pump is like the heart of the swimming pool and is required to control the flow of water through all your equipment. The circulation of water through filters, heaters, chlorinators and water features is essential and can be very demanding on the pump. A high performance durable pump is essential for great looking water and dependable operation of all these appliances and features.


SLEEK, MODERN DESIGN Insnrg designers have created a product with enhanced water flow and reduced noise for better overall performance.

POWERFUL OPERATION, YET QUIET The swimming pool pump is one of the hardest working devices in the household and Insnrg have designed the Si pump to reduce resistance resulting in higher water flow. This design reduces the pressure on the pump motor, limiting any energy loss and giving you higher flow rates at lower energy consumption, saving money and reducing noise. A great combination.

DURABLE Most pool equipment is installed outdoors without any protection from the weather. Insnrg insist on using the highest quality components and have designed and built the Si range to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The use of P2 capacitors adds additional safety aspects to the pump with an internal fuse protecting the pump from any power surges from electrical storms or inconsistent energy supply.

RANGE OF SIZES The Si Pump range comes in a variety of sizes allowing you to select the ideal model with the correct flow rate to suit your appliances, water features and filtration needs. Water connections are 50mm/2” glue in PVC for fast installation and easy maintenance.

FAST PRIMING A swimming pool and spa pump rotates at high speed which can create high temperature and wear to critical components on your pump. This means it is crucial to eliminate the heat to create a long life and durable product. Insnrg designers have created a unique internal weir which assists priming and helps eliminate heat adding to the durability of the pump.


Your Si Pump comes complete with a 3-year limited warranty.


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