Dolphin - Filter Basket Ultra Fine

DolphinSKU: 9991460-ASSY

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Maytronics Dolphin Ultra Fine Cleaning Basket For Dolphin Pool Cleaners: The Ultra fine upgrade basket for the domestic Dolphin pool cleaners listed below. The finer mesh on the Ultra-Fine Filter Basket captures the fine dust and dirt particles that accumulate on a daily basis. Switch to the Ultra-fine Filter Basket for regular cleaning during the swimming season, and enjoy crystal-clear , dirt-free and dust-free water. Simply click-in and out, making it easy to switch between the regular filter and the Ultra fine . Suitable for the following models: E10 E20 S50 SeaMaster CL SeaMaster AG Active 10 Prowler 910 S100 IZZY CLIMB Cainan 1 Crossover Energy C ECHO SL100 Z FUN POOLSTYLE

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