DIY AquaSlide™ - Modular Pool Water Slide (Curve Left Section)


Colour: White


The AquaSlide is a Build-Your-Own waterslide system designed for maximum enjoyment.

Create the perfect pool slide with lots of twists and turns avoiding trees and landmarks or a super-fast straight run to get the heart racing. It's entirely up to you.

Each modular waterslide section is manufactured in Australia using the very best fibreglass materials. The surface is coated in a UV resistant and saltwater friendly Gel-Coat, allowing for the fasted ride possible and longest lifespan.

The walls of each section are 600mm high allowing for maximum safety. The start section comes with two water jets fitted and can easily plumb into the existing pool filtration system or adapted to a garden hose.

Each section comes pre-drilled and supplied with Stainless Bolts for easy joining and convenient installation. The water slide system is designed so that a home handyman can install it themselves over a weekend.

Concrete set treated timber logs is the most common and popular method of framing the slide, which is then bolted at the joining flanges. A fort style platform can be made to support the start sections with a ramp or ladder to gain access. The waterslide may also be set into the ground if on a suitable slope.

The AquaSlide is the ultimate pool slide that's only limited by your imagination!

Specifications of all available sections:
Start Section = 1.5m long with 600mm drop
Curved Section = 1.5m outside radius with 300mm drop
Straight Section = 1.0m long with 200mm drop
End Section = 450mm long with no drop (includes stainless steel deck mounting bracket)

Note: The support structure is NOT included.

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