Daisy - PoolKap Above Ground Pool Cover - Round

DaisySKU: OD-PK3030



Daisy PoolKap Above Ground Pool Cover - Oval - For 7.5m x 4m Pool

Protection for above ground pools. 

All covers are supplied approx 600mm larger than pool size for easy install.

Reduces the hassle of maintaining above ground pools.

  • Water you could lose about 60,000 litres if you don’t have a Daisy Pool Kap.
  • Evaporation wind and lack of humidity will require you to top up far too often.
  • Chemical use can be reduced by more than 64%.
  • Cleaning time is reduced to a minimum with a Daisy Pool Kap.
  • Time taken to take the Kap on and off is no time at all.
  • Water in pool Kap mesh allows fresh water in.
  • Debris out keeps leaves and debris out.

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