AquaStairs™ - Premium Wedding Cake Pool Steps


Colour: Off White


Designed and manufactured in Australia, NextGenRoto’s AquaStairs are a pool entry system no other company can match.

The AquaStairs make an attractive, practical and functional addition to your pool. This compact pool entry option with a large top step and non-slip finish, allows you and your family, including children, the elderly, disabled, and even pets, to get safely in and out of the pool with ease.

The smooth, rounded curved construction provides comfortable seating. It even has an extra-large curved top step to accommodate both feet or adequate sitting space, for a safer entry and exit.

The AquaStairs are compact, with only slightly more space required than a standard pool ladder. There are no inefficient vents on the sides so it won’t collect debris on the inside.

It is designed to suit all above ground pools with depths of 1.2 metres to 1.32 metres, or 1.37 metres. It may also suit some inground pools.

As an optional extra, the AquaStairs can be fitted with marine-grade 316 stainless steel handrails. They can be positioned on either the left or right side, or even both.

  • No assembly required due to the one piece construction, made from UV-stabilised food grade polyethylene.
  • Sturdy and can withstand up to 255 kgs at any one time.
  • No maintenance required, and can be left in place over the winter months.
  • For added protection from the sun, a moulded hole allows you to insert your own outdoor umbrella.
  • Includes our 5 Year Manufacturer’s Repair or Replacement Warranty.


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